what is the meaning of life?

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42, obviously. 

I may have gotten carried away with your sharkify button... Did you know if you keep pressing it eventually your whole screen will be sharks? Yeah... I do.

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Yeah…me too! 

P.S. Get your own here.

Ok folks, in the interest of time management (and my sanity) we have a new rule. If you can google the answer to your question, I’m not gonna answer it. Like I’ve said before, I’m probably going to have to google it myself anyway. 

Also, I still enjoy using google as a verb. 

Hello! So I'm only in my second year of college in the U.S.A. and am studying to be a marine biologist. I came across your blog and am OBSESSED. Literally you live my dream life. I'm in love with the U.K., traveling is my favorite, and I want to be in the whale shark conservation field. Any way, I was wondering if by any chance you could tell me some more about the organization you worked with that dealt with the public feeding the whale shark?

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Hi, thanks for the follow! It’s actually the local community that feed the sharks for tourists. I worked with the Large Marine Vertebrates Project monitoring the effects of the feeding and that is one of two whale shark projects that they run, on top of cetacean and stranding network work. They do take volunteers for some of these projects, you can see more at www.lamave.org

Let me know if you wanted to know anything in particular about them :)

Time for a tough question… Dorids or Aeolids?

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Do you see how long I have taken to answer this. Because I can’t. Dorid’s a prettier, but Aeolids are badass. You ask all the tough questions Ben. 

hi! I love your "Sharkify" button. Have a great day :)

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I know, right! It can lift you right out of a bad mood :D