Anonymous asked:

I want to go into marine biomedicine do you know of any schools that have that certain subject/degree or would i have to go to med school first? And how would the job work? Could I be out in the field or would I have to be in a lab? Thanks!

Biomedicine isn’t really my bag, baby.
Can any followers pitch in here and help out?

danceindownpours asked:

Hello! I'm a senior in college and am starting to feel quite lost. I'm interested in marine science, but I can't seem to pin down any specific area of interest. I seem to be more successful at finding things I don't like. With a field this broad, it is rather difficult to find a focus by process of elimination. However, it is also a large field to just start wandering aimlessly in search of undiscovered passion. Could you provide any advice/insight?

I think determining the things you don’t want to do is an excellent start! Don’t knock that process, it’s one that will help you streamline your choices. My advice, as always, is to get some hands on experience. Even in something you don’t want to do. You never know what aspects of the work, or what people will inspire you!

Tambalang: The Seaweed Farmers of Caluya by Sally Snow and Steve De Neef

Check out this short documentary by Sally and Steve on the recovery of seaweed farming communities on some remote Philippine islands after Typhoon Haiyan.

You can check out relief aid at the facebook page Operation Seaweed Caluya.

NB. If you guys ever wrote saying you think my life was cool. am jealous of Sally’s… follow her adventures here: