1. Glaucus atlanticus 2. Pterapods 3. Brittle stars 4. Squid 5. Shrimp 6. Oysters 7. Sea Urchins 8. Abalone 9. Coral 1O. Clownfish

1O species likely to suffer at the hands of ocean acidification

The original article is a bit scare mongery and has some incorrect facts, so here’s my adaptation. 

We all know carbon has contributed to climate change and global warming, but also another underexposed problem: ocean acidification

Tiny changes in the chemical composition of the ocean can have huge consequences for marine life, especially those who make their homes out of calcium carbonate [poor molluscs and coral] which is less available in acidified waters. 

1. Blue sea slug [Glaucus atlanticus] - feeds on the highly venomous Portuguese-man-of-war. Not the best food chain to unbalance…ouch! 

2. Pterapods - the basis of the Antarctic food chain. If they start dissolving whales and polar bears have another problem to deal with.

3. Brittle stars - vulnerable to ocean acidification in both adult and larval forms.

4. Squid - acidic water has been found to interfere with squids’ blood making it harder for them to absorb oxygen.

5. Shrimp - represent an important part of food webs and ecological balance in all oceans.

6. Oysters - global populations have apparently suffered a sudden crash.

7. Sea Urchins - often overlooked for “sexier” species, even the ugly urchins have a critical role in maintaining reef ecosystems by eating algae, providing a healthy balanced reef.

8. Abalone - may not last the next 1OO years at the current rate of ocean acidification.

9. Coral - an obvious victim. The knock-on effects of more brittle or lack of coral structures are too vast and too scary to think of. 

1O. Clownfish - been found to have a higher instance of deafness and increases in brash behaviour in acidified waters leading to poor defence against its numerous predators. 


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