Mad as a Marine Biologist: Concerned for Conservation: An open letter to Tumblr



Dear Tumblr,

We are writing to ask you to consider adding a ‘Conservation’ or ‘Environment’ featured tag.

Earth Hour Global has always valued Tumblr as a platform to share not only our own stories, but also all of the conservation stories, images and videos from around the world that inspire us to come to work everyday.

As we’re just one month out from Earth Hour, we have been able to increase the proportion of original content on our blog to around 90%. However we began this blog back in May of 2011, when Earth Hour is traditionally considered far from people’s minds.

We relied heavily Tumblr as a platform to discover and share stories with our own community that were relevant to our message of positive action and uniting people to protect the planet. It’s become one of the main tools for us to continue an inspiring conversation around sustainability, environment and climate change, beyond the hour. 

The featured tag for Conservation would be a welcome addition to Tumblr. We have put a lot of effort into our own blog because we see the incredible ways that this platform allows organisations and individuals to share content around what we consider the most important issue of our time.  

We’ve also seen the growth in followers and visitors to our Tumblr, and now consider it one of our key digital assets. I’m sure the other organisations and individuals who put so much time into their Tumblr blogs would have an even better experience here if the Conservation tag became featured. 

Earth Hour says it more eloquently.


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