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Non-profits around the world condemn Malaysia's plans to build 12 hydroelectric dams on Borneo. Ironically, the country is at overcapacity for electricity. The 12 dams will flood tropical rainforests, displace tens of thousands of people, destroy a UNESCO World Heritage Site, ruin sensitive rivers, and kill thousands of rare species.

I don’t think Malaysia realizes the value of their forests. Or they do and they don’t care. In addition to the above, they actively promote the conversion of tropical rainforest into palm oil plantations. I’ve had a tour guide tell me all about their lush and beautiful palm oil “forests”. More like face palm, Sir. 

How Green Is Your Internet? from Patrick Clair on Vimeo.


Aargghh! This is a whole new level of environmental impact to consider. I’d always considered the internet fairly harmless, as it exists in a different dimension (Cyberspace).

Nothing is sacred. Everything has an impact. 

I am painfully aware of the irony of reblogging this. 

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