Finished work at 2am

Last night, I worked late. Very late.

The turn of the night found us biologists on the seashore at an untimely low tide, under a blanket of stars, with 40 students all set for their survey.

The upside of the hideously long day of travelling and working until the wee hours of the morning was that at least we were on the seashore at night. Previous torch-lit seashore surveys have delivered a beautiful bounty for our geeky biologists, including catsharks, bamboo sharks, octopi, file clams, flat worms….pretty much anything you hope to see on the seashore.

Last night was special in it’s own right. Posts to follow…

Let’s get terrestrial up in here

Yes, I’m a marine biologist, but currently, by trade, I’m into all tropical biology. Rainforests, Mangroves, the Inter-tidal zone. So let’s have a bit of a wonder through them shall we?

Not to mention, all ecosystems are linked. Things that affect the Rainforest trickle down through the mangroves, over the seashore and into the sea. So it’s all relevant really!