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Hi I'm currently gathering research for my EPQ on the role of sharks in our oceans why we need top predators in ecosystems and was wondering if you'd know anyone or any links to some good resources thank you very much and keep up the good work :)

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Shark Savers have a nice overview of the role sharks play in maintaining ecosystem balance, but even more handy is the “Additional Resources” link at the bottom of the page where they cite all the references. A great starting point:

This will probably seem like a silly question, but what efforts do you think have contributed most to the efforts on preventing the cultural use of shark fin in dishes like shark fin soup?

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This is totally not a silly question.

I think it’s been the result of over a decade of active education and awareness campaigns. Teaching children the ecological importance of sharks, using celebrities to brand the practice untrendy, exposing the scale and brutality of the industry through undercover photojournalism, preventing transport by lobbying airlines not to carry fins as cargo. 

It’s been slow growing progress, like any social change, but I think we’re seeing the tide turn on the harvesting of sharks for their fins. I’m not saying the problem is ok now, but that momentum against it is picking up pace.

Where are all the ladies at?

Read about the gaps in understanding the gargantuan and yet oddly mysterious whale shark. Indeed, where are all the ladies at?